Phene Philanderers


The Phené Philanderers Cricket Club was founded in 1968 in the (then) Phené Arms, and the connection between club and pub has persisted through the years.


The club is a wandering one with no home ground, playing some fifteen fixtures per season in England, in addition to the occasional tour abroad, e.g. Phené Triumph in Corfu. Most fixtures are in the Home Counties.


We are proud to still have a relationship with the Phené Philanderers, and plan on celebrating their 50th Anniversary this year with a range of events. Keep an eye out for events coming up on our events page.


For more information on the Philanderers and information on joining visit


29th of April

Shamley Green CC (Surrey)

9th of June

Abinger Hammer (Surrey)

17th of June

DemiJohns CC (Oxford)

14th and 15th of July

Plush and Little Bredy (Dorset)

22nd of July

Shackleford CC (Surrey)

28th of July

Chelsea Arts Club CC (London)

12th of August

Bricklayers Arms, (London)

27th of August

Pirbright CC (Surrey)

2nd of September

Forest Green CC (Surrey)

9th of September

Ebernoe CC (Sussex)

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